"Outstanding Product"


  • Two-piece chassis with separate control box and analog box
  • 7 Analog inputs: 3 XLR and 4 RCA stereo input pairs
  • Dual Monaural construction and signal paths/routing
  • Phono input with support for both MM and MC cartridges
  • AC regeneration circuitry
  • Rear-panel USB (A) connector for software updates

Awards & Accolades

  • 2015

    Review and Gold Fingerprint Award

    Positive Feedback

  • 2015

    "Outstanding Product"

    HiFi News

  • 2014

    Outstanding Product

    Hi-Fi News

  • 2014

    Visual Grand Prix Award 2014 (Preamplifier Over ¥1M Category)

    Ongen Publishing - Stereo Sound

  • 2014

    Best High-end Stereo Preamplifier 2014

    Secrets of Home Theater and Hi Fi

  • 2014

    Product of the Year 2014

    Secrets of Home Theater and Hi Fi

  • 2013

    MJ Technology of the Year - Amplifier Category

    MJ Audio Technology

  • 2013

    The Audio Excellence Award 2014 (Silver Award Preamplifier Category)

    Ongen Publishing - Stereo Sound

  • 2013

    The Stereo Sound Grand Prix 2013

    Ongen Publishing - Stereo Sound


"The Nº52 features seven analog inputs – three balanced XLR and four unbalanced RCA – as well as a dedicated phono input configurable for moving-magnet (MM) or moving-coil (MC) operation. Two sets of pre-outs are duplicated in both XLR and RCA jacks, while an additional auxiliary pair of XLR and RCA outputs is configurable, for fixed or variable output with independent source selection. This function allows the auxiliary output to function as a third pre-out, a pass-through full-range subwoofer output or a record output.
The Nº52 comes with a unity-gain SSP mode that integrates the connected sources into a home theater system while still maintaining optimal and independent stereo operation for music. System controls include Ethernet, Mark Levinson’s proprietary ML Net, and 12V trigger and IR control ports, as well as a USB connector that can facilitate software updates. Additionally, the included remote control also operates both the Nº52 and other connected Mark Levinson components.
The peerless craftsmanship of Mark Levinson is evident in every aspect of the Nº52. Within the control section, mirror-imaged DC power supplies and AC regeneration circuitry optimize power for the cleanest, most stable signals possible. Individual DC power cords supply power to the audio section in the second chassis to prevent extraneous noise from passing into the DC power signals, while communication and control signals are sent along a dedicated third cable to the audio section. The audio chassis is also configured in a mirror-image, left/right design with isolated, independent PCBs for volume control and for main and auxiliary signal paths. The communication signals are contained in a shielded central compartment, as is each channel of the phono input. Heavy aluminum extrusions and thick aluminum plates solidify the chassis and provide an optimized foundation for the audio circuitry."


Reference Dual-Monaural Preamplifier

Frequency Response

10Hz – 40kHz (±0.2dB)

Frequency Response (phono)

±1dB (RIAA response)

Input Impedance

Input Impedance (line-level): 100k ohms -- Input Impedance (phono): Resistive: 3.3Ω, 5.0Ω, 7.7Ω, 10Ω, 33Ω, 50Ω, 77Ω, 100Ω, 330Ω, 47kΩ, (user-selectable) Capacitive: 50pF, 100pF, 150pF, 200pF, 250pF, 300pF, 350pF, 0.01μF (user-selectable)


8.75" (22.2 cm) - Control = 3.25" (8.2 cm); Audio = 5.5" (14 cm)


17.25" (43.8 cm)


13" (33 cm)


60 lb (27 kg) Control = 25 lb (11 kg); Audio = 35 lb (16 kg)

Phono Inputs

Input Overload (phono): >100mV @1kHz (40dB gain); >10mV @1kHz (60dB gain)

Communication and Control

Volume Control Range: 80.0dB

Analog Audio Inputs

3 balanced (female XLR) stereo inputs; 4 single-ended (Mark Levinson-RCA) stereo inputs

Analog Audio Outputs

1 balanced (male XLR) stereo main output; 1 single-ended (Mark Levinson-RCA) stereo main output; 2 single-ended (Mark Levinson-RCA) stereo record outputs

Maximum output level

16V – balanced (XLR) connectors; 8V – unbalanced (RCA) connectors

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Residual Noise: < 120dB (20Hz – 20kHz, input terminated,balanced)


Gain (line-level stage): 0dB, +6dB, +12dB, or +18dB (user-selectable) -- Gain (phono stage): +40dB, +60dB @1kHz (user-selectable) -- Gain Resolution: 1.0dB increments up to 23.0dB on display (–57dB to –80dB); 0.1dB increments above 23.0dB on display (0dB to –57dB)

Output impedance

20 ohms – balanced (XLR) connectors; 10 ohms – unbalanced (RCA) connectors

Power Requirements

Operating Voltage: 100V – 240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz