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The No.515, named one of the Stars of CES 2017, by What HI FI

What better way to celebrate a brand's 45th anniversary than to produce its first turntable? That's exactly what luxury US hi-fi brand Mark Levinson has done with the introduction of its No.515 turntable - developed in conjunction with VPI Industries.

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Mark Levinson hardly needs an introduction. I don't mean the man Mark Levinson, the audiophile and engineer who started building and selling audio components in 1972, back when the term "high-end audio" had hardly entered the lexicon.

Mark Levinson N°585 in Stereoplay

Hi-Fi+ reviews the Mark Levinson No585

What’s more common than high-priced, heavyweight, high-end integrated amps? High-priced, heavyweight, high-end integrated amps that incorporate an internal DAC. You can argue about who was the frst to offer a high-end integrated amplifer, aiming to offer the performance and advantages of (and thus monetise) their high-end brand identity at more approachable prices. If you really wanted to get archaeological on the subject one might brandish names like Lentek, but for me, the frst company that actually made the concept work was Mark Levinson with their No. 383. It wasn’t the frst to market, but it was the frst such product that embodied both the superb ergonomics and build quality of the fagship products with more than a slice of their musical qualities too. The fact that it still holds its own today is no mean feat and rather proves the point.

HARMAN’s Mark Levinson Introduces № 523 Dual-Monaural Pure Path Preamplifier at HIGH END® 2016

HARMAN’s Mark Levinson today introduced the № 523 Preamplifier, the definitive preamplifier for the analog music lover. With precision control including a discrete, balanced R-2R Ladder volume control, Class-A Phono stage, and Class-A Main Drive Headphone output, the № 523 preamplifier delivers an uncompromising performance regardless of analog source. Six line-level analog and phono inputs travel through the Mark Levinson proprietary Pure Path discrete, direct-coupled, fully balanced, dual-monaural signal path, entirely in class A, for breathtaking purity and performance. Housed in a cold-rolled steel and 6000-series aluminum chassis, like all Mark Levinson components, the № 523 is designed and handcrafted in the USA.

HARMAN’s Mark Levinson Introduces № 534 Dual-Monaural Pure Path Amplifier at HIGH END® 2016

HARMAN’s Mark Levinson today introduced the № 534 Dual-Monaural Amplifier, building upon the success of its recently introduced № 536 Monaural Amplifier. Featuring Mark Levinson’s proprietary Pure Path circuit design, the № 534 delivers a deep, expansive soundstage, accurate image placement, extended low bass response with exceptional pitch definition, and detailed high frequencies free from “etching.” This high-current, low-feedback two-channel amplifier delivers 250 watts per channel into 8 ohms, operating purely in class A for most listening conditions, doubling to 500W into 4 ohms, with stable operation into 2-ohm loads.

HARMAN’s Mark Levinson® Previews № 526 Dual-Monaural Preamplifier Featuring High Resolution DAC and Phono Stage

HARMAN’s Mark Levinson today previewed the forthcoming № 526 Dual-Monaural Preamplifier with high-resolution DAC and integrated Phono stage. The complete preamplifier for enthusiasts of all music formats, the № 526 combines five line-level analog, MM/MC phono, and six digital inputs with the acclaimed Mark Levinson DAC and HARMAN Clari-Fi® music restoration technology in an uncompromising package featuring Mark Levinson proprietary system design and a 6000-series aluminum chassis.

HARMAN’s Mark Levinson® Previews № 519 Audio Player: High-Resolution Wired and Wireless Streaming, Network, Disc and Digital Inputs

HARMAN’s Mark Levinson today previewed the forthcoming and CES 2016 Innovation Award-winning № 519 Audio Player, a remarkably versatile ultrahigh-end source component designed to accommodate every digital audio format. The № 519 was designed to be the heart of high-performance audio systems, with the ability to play back virtually any audio format from streaming music services to networked storage, to CD to high-resolution digital inputs and even convenient Bluetooth® wireless. In addition, it includes high-performance headphone connectivity and integrated digital volume control allowing it to serve as a fully integrated digital music source. 

Harman’s Mission to Revitalize Mark Levinson

Dinesh Paliwal gets it. Paliwal is CEO of the sprawling Harman Internationalpro and home audio conglomerate. Under his watch,the 70-year-old company has doubled revenues to $7 billion,grown to 27,000 employees, and amassed over 6000 patents. But Paliwalunderstands that having done well doesn’t mean you get to stand still. He’sinvesting in the future, and several of those investments are good news foraudiophiles.

Stereophile reviews the Mark Levinson No.585 integrated amplifier

The Mark Levinson No.585 delivers 200Wpc into 8 ohms, provides 6 digital inputs, and sells for $12,000—double the No.383 in all three parameters. New to the '585 are its line-level outputs, its digital-to-analog converter that handles both PCM and DSD digital music files, and is equipped with Harman International's proprietary Clari-Fi circuit for reconstructing compressed digital audio files. The exterior heatsinks of its predecessor have given way to a combination of internal heatsinks and vents in the top and bottom plates, and the new amp's exterior is further streamlined by leaving off the No.383's rear handles. The No.585 is 0.31" narrower, 0.35" taller, and 2.8" deeper—but only 7 lbs heavier—than the No.383. (Even so, the No.585 is Mark Levinson's lightest amplifier.)

JBL, Revel, Mark Levinson, and Arcam Demos at TAVES 2015

If there’s one constant with any demo I’ve heard involving JBL, Revel, and Mark Levinson gear, it’s how close to perfection the systems manage to come. At the TAVES 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Toronto, JBL/Harman’s top-notch systems continued a perfect track record of blowing me away with their fidelity.

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HARMAN’s Mark Levinson Showcases № 536 Monaural Power Amplifier at CEDIA 2015

At CEDIA Expo 2015, HARMAN’s Mark Levinson will showcase the № 536 Monaural Power Amplifier, an ultrahigh-end amplifier that combines high power output with extraordinary sound quality and Mark Levinson’s striking next-generation industrial design.

Harman Aims to Re-Establish Mark Levinson as the Amplifier Gold Standard

“Audio means smarts,” Dinesh Paliwal, Harman’s chairman, president, and CEO, told the handful of reporters seated around the conference room table at the company’s Shelton, CT, engineering facility. “That’s how you make the signal the purest, ever.”

Krystallklar kontroll

Med en lydkvalitet til å dø for, og enestående byggekvalitet, er Mark Levinsons integrerte forsterker et av de beste, mest vellydende og vellykkede forsterkerkjøpene i high-end klassen.


Prisen og fraværet av en platespillerinngang.

At ting tar tid, er Mark Levinsons integrerte forsterker et godt eksempel på. Den så vi første gang i 2012. Bare som en dummy riktignok, med et tomt kabinett, men det tok ikke lang tid før forumene på internett flommet over av et unisont: Endelig!

HARMAN’s Mark Levinson Demonstrates № 536 Monaural Power Amplifier at HIGH END 2015

MUNICH, Germany — At HIGH END 2015 HARMAN’s Mark Levinson will demonstrate the № 536 Monaural Power Amplifier, an ultrahigh-end amplifier that combines high power output with extra ordinary sound quality and MarkLevinson’s striking next-generation industrial design.

HARMAN Luxury Audio Group To Showcase First-Ever Demo of Mark Levinson № 536 Monaural Power Amplifier and Debut Custom Finish Options on Flagship JBL Everest and K2 Loudspeakers at HIGH END 2015

At HIGH END 2015 HARMAN Luxury Audio Group will be featuring the first-ever demonstration ofthe new № 536 Monaural Power Amplifier, which combines high power output with extraordinary sound quality and iconicindustrial design. 

HARMAN Luxury Audio Group To Exhibit Ultimate-Performance Mark Levinson № 536 Monaural Power Amplifier, JBL Everest and K2 Loudspeakers In New Custom Finish Options at T.H.E. SHOW Newport 2015

IRVINE, California, — Each year T.H.E. SHOW Newport has been growing in popularity and this year it’ll be more of amust-see than ever for audio enthusiasts and music lovers. HARMAN Luxury Audio Group will be adding to theexcitement with the first U.S. demonstration of its new Mark Levinson № 536 Monaural Power Amplifier, which deliversextraordinary sound quality to complement the finest ultrahigh-end music systems. Also being shown will be JBL’s iconic,top of the line DD67000 Everest and K2-S9900 loudspeakers in a newly available high-gloss Polar White and RossoCorsa custom finishes respectively.

Mark Levinson №585

In May 2014, the “Luxury Audio Division” which is part of the Harman company, the owner of such brands as Mark Levinson, Revel, Lexicon and JBL Synthesis, announced an ambitious project to launch 17 new products in the next two years. The basis for these ambitious plans was the creation of a completely new Research and Design Department in Shelton (Connecticut, USA). 

Hi-Fi news reviews the Mark Levinson No585

Featuring a built-in DAC with hi-res-capable USB input, the long-awaited integrated amp from Harman’s high-end Mark Levinson brand is a powerful all-in-one package

Review: John Bamford Lab: Paul Miller